Red Tent Adventure (RTA) leads single & multi-day adventures designed to recharge women of all ages. RTA helps you discover your best self through outdoor adventures.    



Half-day Reset

Give yourself the gift of a half-day to reset and ignite your soul. Through the transformational power of our coaching sequences, connecting with a tribe of women and experiencing the profound beauty in nature, you will explore your heart’s landscape and reset yourself as a priority in your life.


Single Day Excursion

 Begin the ascent to the peak of your heart’s desires. Through guided transformational coaching experiences and body movement you will gain greater awareness of your inner topography (desires, passions, dreams, barriers, limiting beliefs) and how to powerfully move forward into thriving.


Multi-day Adventure

Give yourself the time and space needed to deeply nurture, heal, stretch, and connect in order to live your best life. This multi-day adventure is a series of powerful coaching experiences woven together to ignite your soul, accompanied by body movement and solo time for journaling and creative expression.


Nature Heals


At Red Tent Adventures we weave nature into all of our live events. Nature is a powerful healer and source of great wisdom and knowing. Nature's beauty, rhythms, seasons, and sounds also provide the perfect backdrop for the deep healing, discovery and connection we co-create with RTA participants/adventurers.

Being surrounded by the magnitude of nature creates a sense of vulnerability and deepens the sense of self while being guided through an array of deep transformational coaching experiences. And research shows time in nature can lead to improved short term memory, restore energy, relieve stress, reduce inflammation, sharpen thinking and creativity, boost immune system, elevate mental health and much more.



Women, Trails & Yoga


Join us for 6-weeks of hiking trails, nature inspired yoga, transformational coaching and building your soul tribe. A inner journey through mindful movement, journaling, meditation and personal discovery, among a tribe of heart-centered women to love you into living your best life.

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