In 2018 Andréa Matteson & Eden Paulazzo started collaborating and almost immediately Red Tent Adventures was born. By integrating our powerful transformational coaching into single & multi-day experiences we have created a container for women to discover the brightest version of themselves. We help women lead full, abundant and joy filled lives as mothers, partners, spouses, friends, daughters, activist, healers and leaders.

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Andréa Matteson, MS CHC CLC

What trail lead me to RTA?

Looking back it makes so much sense. I have always loved the outdoors and hands on learning. I spent my childhood camping in the Sierras, high school training on a Search and Rescue team and college learning how to develop experiential education curriculum and lead multi-day leadership experiences.
In 2007 I hiked the Oregon Pacific Crest Trail with my mother and in 2013 we made a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. It was on these adventures that the power of being in nature and in the company of others with the intention to stretch heart, mind and soul that I realized sometimes one must disconnect in order to connect…to go outside in order to go inside. It was also when I witnessed how few women were out on the trail. On the PCT we crossed paths will only one other women in a span of three weeks!
It was then that I knew I wanted to lead women on similar excursions, to create transformational experiences in the backdrop of nature and in the company of others with open hearts. It is an ancient and sacred ritual that we have forgotten. Gathering in circles, to just be, to support one another, to share stores, to learn, to grow, to transform. 

My passion is helping my clients discover how to eat optimally for their unique body, increasing their energy and self-confidence in order to live the life of their dreams!
Andréa lives in Ashland, Oregon. She is a Professional Learning + Development Specialist and is a Holistic Health Coach. Andréa has a MS with a focus in Adult Education - Training and Development. 
She received her coaching certification through the Health Coach Institute, an ICF accredited institution, and is continuing her training in their Mastery Transformation Coaching program.


Eden Paulazzo

Writing this is very much a reflection. A reflection of all the wonderful ways nature, and community has shaped my being, my appreciation of the beauty of life, and all the promise this connection brings. As I sit down to write, I am reminded of a favorite quote, “My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.” ~Michelangelo

As far as I can remember being outside has been an important way for me to feel my sense of purpose, a feeling of being home. My father and grandfather were the ones who really got my out, and doing as a young child.

My father has always embodied a sense of adventure, we would spend many summer afternoons, just he and I out on our canoe fishing. He would lay me in the canoe, and the gentle rocking of the small boat would lull me to sleep. In the winters, from the time I was three, my father would take me out on the trails in the woods of Pennsylvania to cross country ski. These experiences not only cultivated a connection to nature, they also created strength of character.

My grandfather loved to travel, and find his next adventure as well.

He owned an Airstream, and would head out on the open road every summer, exploring new places. I was blessed to be taken on many of these adventures with my grandparents. It was these trips that first exposed me to the grandeur of the vast openness and majesty of places such as the Badlands, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. The magnitude of these seemingly untouched places touched me, and left an impression, and a sense of needing to return.

At the impressionable age of adolescence, my father moved to Arizona, and I got to explore the desert for the first time. A polarity to the green deciduous forests of Pennsylvania, provided deeper appreciation for the variety of beauty the earth contains. So many different landscapes, all so beautiful, stirring this sense in me to see and experience all the uniqueness of the beauty of earth, enriching my soul.

It was on this first visit that we hiked and explored the powerful energy of Sedona, and hiked down into the Grand Canyon. This hike in particular sparked so much curiosity of the ancient people that gathered in these spaces, and traveled these same trails. This challenging hike also stretched me both physically, mentally, and emotionally, forever allowing me to tap into my personal power of what I can accomplish, and forever providing a deep emotional experience that I shared with my father.

As I grew into my teenage years, I spent much time on the Appalachian trail in Pennsylvania, gathering with friends, sitting in circles, sharing with each other, and supporting each other on our journeys to adulthood.

As I embarked on my next adventure, moving to Santa Cruz for college, 3000 miles away, I was offered an amazing experience to participate in a Wilderness Orientation experience, where we spent two weeks in the back country of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This phenomenal excursion stretched me through experience, allowed me to connect with new people in my life, that would enrich my experience while in Santa Cruz, and stretch me to new heights. It allowed me to step straight through fears with powerful physical experiences, and huge spiritual transformations through the vulnerability of being out to go in.

As I neared my transition into parenthood, I learned of the traditions of the Red Tent, a sacred place for women to connect and hold space for each other through transformational times in their lives. A place to slow down and share stories. I am eternally grateful for the women who held space for me through all three of my birth transformations, supporting me, and allowing me to tap into the ancient wisdom of my body and soul.

I became enthralled with the need to bring these traditions back to modern times, where this sense of connection is often lost in our busy lives.

In 2017, on a flight back from a coaching conference, I very serendipitously met Andrea. I overheard her talking in the row behind me, and realized she had attended the same conference. We began talking, and realized we were from the same town. She and I began connecting on the idea of collaborating, offering people deeper transformations through the combination of each of our own unique coaching styles, and very organically Red Tent Adventures was born.

We have co-created these amazing transformational adventures, combining both of our loves for the enriching opportunities being out and disconnected from modern life provides, and the space a circle of women can hold for each other, as we guide you through deep transformational coaching experiences. Join us on our next adventure, where you can go outside to go inside, and allow your soul to climb “the staircase to heaven through earth’s loveliness.”

How high will you climb to unlock all the innate wisdom you already have inside of you? What peak will you summit to empower yourself, and step into the highest altitude of you?

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